Ojooo is how to you get referrals customer or members for Ptc sites

how to get referrals1. Ojooo is how to get referrals, is it yes?

Ojooo.com is a German company since 2010 with a lot of services such as email, TV, contextual advertising, domain, search engine, tourism.

a. Ojooo free e-mail basic:

Already many enthusiastic users
Extensive purpose
A choice of the capacities
No advertisement
Spam and viruses protection
Application for mobile devices
International backing
Enduring development ensures the most true technology
E-mail addresses in attractive areas
Uncomplicated and snappy registration!
Special provision: access your e-mail from your Desktop

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b. Ojooo-watching ad:

More than 45,000 members are ready to view your ad, there are easy hits with lower advertising costs, how to save money get referrals for affiliate program. 
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How to get referrals

c. Ojooo-advertisement:

More than 5000 publishers have joined, which is good for your PPC advertising, it is how to you get more direct referrals.

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d. Ojooo search:

You will rapidly uncover that you no more drawn out need else other possibilities to adequately search on the web. Searching is a part of our day by day life. The Ojooo multi search motor is an extraordinary device, utilizing which you will just find what you truly require. Available to you, you have an enormous database, holding data from the various biggest administrations intended to find content. Therefore, nobody can offer you more than they can. Utilizing Ojooo, you can search on all the destinations accessible on the Internet. The most helpful information have been accumulated on a solitary site with the intention that they could be recovered effectively and in a charming way. Ojooo search motor searches sites, as well as distinguishes the clients' goal and returns outcomes holding the response which they envision. Likewise, it reacts to inquiries and proposes tips. So you can find best affiliate program and get referrals to make more money.

Your search will be expedited by an expansive number of alternatives to limited the extent of the effects showed. You can restrain the reach of search for information which you have chosen as far as their configuration or subject. Its competence empowers the search for site pages, pictures, sight and sound, pdf documents, discourse bunches and items. You can entertain while you still get referrals. You can effectively access particular information without needing to sweep the substance of the pages. You can do it rapidly and in a charming way, since the administration is not difficult to utilize and transparently organized. Utilizing the Ojooo multi search motor you can spare time and you can dependably access the data you look for. The Ojooo search motor empowers you to utilize all the most ubiquitous apparatuses of this sort on one site. Because of the suitable search instrument, you will be furnished with the most handy data online.

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2. Ojooo register:


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Before register, please read term of account user:

• You are required to keep your passwords safe and obscure to everybody yet you.

• You might just have a solitary account from one IP address. Any endeavor to make different accounts will bring about a changeless suspension..

• You might just have a solitary account from one PC. Any endeavor to get referrals make numerous accounts will bring about a lasting suspension..

• Any endeavor to make numerous account (making new account from diverse IP address for instance) will bring about a changeless suspension. Any endeavor to exchange your account to an alternate individual will close in suspension.

• Any account considered utilizing false portions (like message location) will be suspended and erased forever..

• None of the information kept in Ojooo.com - Watching Ad will be demonstrated, given or sold.

• You must be 18 years of age or more advanced in years to party.

3. Ojooo place your ad-how to get referrals:

ojooo ad

Before advertisement, read term of advertiser:

You, as a client, can just win from every advertisement once every 24 hours.

• They don't acknowledge pages that breaking casings, holding suspected code, redirecting to different destinations, advertising illicit movement and so forth Your promoted site must be fit for supporting various visits for every second.

• Advertisements should not be seen on portable telephones. Advertisements should just be clicked on PC and not utilizing whatever possible techniques. Finishing so might expedite the perpetual suspension of your .

Service their ad:

a. Paid to click:

Without get number of referrals to your affiliate program, there is no possibility of victory. Every living soul who performs their business movement through the web is unmistakably attentive to this.

Get referrals = benefit

They know how to draw in the consideration of Internet clients and fundamentally expand your client base. Every guest to your ad with an offer should be a potential client.

Exactness and security

They give a totally common expand in the amount of guests. They don't utilize any bots or different frameworks of this sort. This implies that every new client may be intrigued by your offer. All visitors are obliged to use a normal of 30 seconds, on your promoted site. Here is how to get referrals for you.

A suitable offer for the right beneficiaries

The displayed sort of publicizing is ideal for organizations:

- furnishing items for a wide extend of beneficiaries
- offering complimentary items
- intrigued by positioning themselves on the Internet
- looking for advancement chances
- intrigued by filling in polls
- program call paid to click
- affiliate call pay per click program

It's an extraordinary approach to push items to get referrals, for example:

- telephone memberships
- electronic supplies
- sustenance
- clothes
- credits
- protection
- work offers
- consultancy
- offering items for youth
- online shops
- photograph printing
- PTC sites
- PPC publisher
- PTU program
- PTR sites

Only from $ 1.45, you can start to promote affiliate sites. How to get referrals with low cost.

b.Banner and context ads

Ojooo banner ad and it's sister sites are very popular websites, visited by millions of users every day! With their ad server which is connected with all sites you have great opportunity to reach million of people and be successful with this how to get referrals! When you buy an ad, it's your decision when show or in which country ad will be displayed. Also with their ad server you have full control of your ad budget and ad campaign.

4. Get referrals on Ojooo and you earn more money:

get referrals

The income you make will vary depending on a few factors including your membership, get amount of referrals and type of advertisement watched.

Here's an example:

If you are a Premium Member clicks 10 ads a day (worth $0.01) and get 100 referrals who also click 4 ads a day (your commission is $0.005 per click), you earn $2.1 per day within few minutes.That is $63 (US dollars) per month, and $756 a year.

You can make even more if you get more referrals , or upgrade your account to a Premium Member.

Referrals are members on Ojooo.com who you can earn money from every time they view ad and advertisement. There are one ways to gain referrals on Ojooo.com - Watching Ad.

Direct Referrals:

These are people you referrals using your referral link. To start get direct referrals you just must be a member on Ojooo.com - Watching Ad. There is ultimate direct referrals for premium member.

You get paid when you reach the minimum payout via Paypal or Payza. The minimum payout for standard members is at $2 for the first cash out and $6 for any other cashout. The minimum cashouts for Premium members are at $2 for every cash out.

5. Conclusion:
Ojooo offer you more than others can. They have high ranking on Alexa and have higher lifetime. They are get SSL encryption, this is an additional way to ensure communication security and the highest level of confidentiality. You can be assured of complete advertising to get referrals and make money with them.


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    Anybody has some experience using Ojooo wad referrals system and would like to share their story please?

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